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Kimberly Statham

Multimedia Producer

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Kimberly Allen Media custom brand design neutral colors
Kimberly Allen Media custom brand design black and white
  1. “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” 

Georgia O’Keeffe

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"Kimberly Allen Media did a fantastic job animating my original logo! She was super quick and got it done before the deadline (that’s a huge plus). She sent a short questionnaire about what type of style I was going for to make sure the finished product was as personalized as possible. The finished result looks AMAZING! I’d recommend her to anyone who needs logo animation. GREAT WORK Kimberly and thank you!"

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Helpful Information

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Can you adhere to my brand/style guide?

Absolutely, brand consistency and recognition is vital. We will use your brand colors, fonts, and overall tone and voice to create high-quality content that remains true to your brand.

What if I don't have a brand/style guide?

Not to worry, we can help you create a style that you can consistently use across all media channels that represents your brand.

What types of videos or content do you edit?

We create everything from advertisements for B2C, B2B, Social Media Content, Explainer Videos, Product Demos, Corporate Training, YouTube Vlogs and everything in between.

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